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Posting on the message board

Posted by: Admin

Everyone is free to view this message board. If you wish to post or request an item you must login or sign up to become a member of the group.

All postings must be free, legal, and yours to post. Please seek permission from the Designer if the item you are offering would constitute a breach of their copyright.

You can post both offered and wanted items. Please select the required option when you post.

Posts will be displayed on this message board for 2 months, after which they will be removed.

Once an item has been taken or a request fulfilled, please mark your item as GONE or RECEIVED. To do this, log into the site and click on the post to view it. Click the button above the post saying Mark this item as GONE or Mark this item as RECEIVED. This will let everyone know the item is no longer available, and will stop any further email requests.

For further information, please read our Help page.

Please read our Terms and Conditions. By using this site you agree to be bound by these terms.

Set-Exchange is free to use, but not free to run. If you'd like to make a small donation to help us maintain the project, please donate here:

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