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How It Works

Anyone can post an item of unwanted set, props, costumes or anything related that you no longer need on

You could offer an old show floor, spare masking, a vac formed brick covered flat or anything you can think of. In return, anyone can offer to take the item away and give it a new home, be it a Theatre or Production Company who really needs that bit of flattage, a Set Builder who can re-use the show floor for their next build, or a Stage Manager in dire need of a sofa for their next show. As long as you can give the item a good home, you're welcome to join in. The only condition for your requesting the item is that it's your responsibility to arrange collection and transport for that item.

Best of all, is free to use! was set up on the Freecyce model, and we encourage you all to share you're items for free to the benefit of the wider community (you'd be throwing it out anyway!).

Our site also makes it easy to post WANTED messages. These work in the same way as normal posts, but allow the member to ask for an item that they need. In this case, the person wanting the item should take responsibility for the transport of any item that is offered as a result of their post.

Posting an item is simple and straight forward. Just follow the link on the top of the message board page. You can also add photos of your items to your post too so everyone can see exactly what you are posting.

Anyone is free to view the site, but to post items or to respond to posts you will have to sign-up and log in. The other advantage of singing up is that you can opt to receive regular emails letting you know about items which have been posted, so you can keep up to date easily. Our posts also appear on Twitter (@Setexchange) or via our Facebook Page.

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