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Aladdin set and scenery and costume - Posted on Set-Exchange.co.uk - set, props and costume recycling and freecycle for Theatre

WANTED - Aladdin set and scenery and costume

Posted by: Pammers
Located: Glasgow, Collection available: After 3pm most days, Collection locally. Needed for November - January

Item Description

Hi all.
I am wondering if anyone can help.
Looking for scenery backdrops for Aladdin
the pantomime. A village, laundry, palace,
cave of wonders, evil forest and evil
Also a washing machine the actors can
climb in and out, a mangle to roll out
flat images of the actors and the panther
head entrance to the cave of wonders.

We are a small community charity drama
company in Bishopbriggs, Glasgow.

If anyone has anything we could borrow
that would be amazing!

If anyone has Aladdin costumes I wouldn't
say no either haha

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Aladdin, scenery, set, props

Item Posted: Sun 08 Sep 2019

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