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Flats - Posted on - set, props and costume recycling and freecycle for Theatre


Posted by: rparr99
Located: Royal Central school of speech and Drama, Collection available: 10am - 5pm, 15th July or by arrangment

Item Description

This set was for a production of Love and Information and was designed by Sammy
This set was unfinished some flats are just timber frames awaiting cladding some
have been clad and have some base primer on them.
The set was a right angle book flat set of 2 walls which have an angled top
(think it was in perspective) lowest point being the join of the 2 walls. all
doorways and windows were also angled to match. Highest point on the downstage
ends of the flat was around 4500mm i think.
One wall is in 2 pieces forming a door way. The other is in 3 pieces, though
cladding is not complete on this wall (see pics) all constructed from 3x1 and 4mm
Get in touch with questions.
We are at RCSSD on Wednesday this week (15th July) if no one takes them they will
go in the yard awaiting collection by Scenery Salvage/ waste disposal.
Get in touch if you want them. It would be a huge waste to bin them without use.
Even just to strip down for the timber.

Click picture for larger image

uploaded image

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flats, timber, perspective, frames, box set, book flats

Item Posted: Mon 13 Jul 2020
Post updated: Mon 20 Jul 2020

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