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Lot of cable ties - Posted on - set, props and costume recycling and freecycle for Theatre

OFFERED - Lot of cable ties

Posted by: grafalicia
Located: Lewisham, Collection available: Any time, Any time

Item Description

Lot of cable ties originally purchased for a young
production - worth at least £50-60

1x Black 780x9.0mm (Qty ~100 open)
1x Black 550x9.0mm (Qty ~100 open)
1x Black 330x4.8mm (Qty ~100 open)
2x Black 300x4.8mm (Qty 100 each new)
1x White 292x3.6mm (Qty 100 new)
2x Black 200x4.5mm (Qty 100 each new)
7x Black 200x4.8mm (Qty 100 each new)
3x Black and White 100x2mm (Qty 50? Each new)

Lewisham pick up only (near train station)

Search Tags:

Cable ties, zip cord, ties, cords

Item Posted: Thu 23 Jul 2020
Post updated: Sun 26 Jul 2020

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