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Assorted gateleg rostra - Posted on - set, props and costume recycling and freecycle for Theatre

OFFERED - Assorted gateleg rostra

Posted by: Penpo
Located: Suffolk, Collection available: Any time by arrangement, ASAP

Item Description

Not all of these have tops (that I can find!) - those marked * do have tops

One 6' x 3' 2ft height, very well built of stout timber
Two 8' x 2' 1ft height, made of ply (solid sides)
Eight 4' x 4' 1ft height, made of ply (solid sides)*
One 6' x 3' 2'8" height made of hardwood timber *
Two 5' x 4' 2ft height made of softwood timber (not great quality!)*
10ft x 4ft (not sure of height, 2'6" or 3' height) made in two halves (each half
is 10ft x 2ft) joining with hinge pins I think.

Search Tags:

Gateleg rostra, staging, blocks

Item Posted: Wed 14 Apr 2021
Post updated: Fri 16 Apr 2021

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