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65 person seating bank - Posted on - set, props and costume recycling and freecycle for Theatre

OFFERED - 65 person seating bank

Posted by: cptheatre
Located: Camden People's Theatre, Collection available: Anytime, 30th October

Item Description

We are getting rid of our 65-seat seating bank.

The seating bank is a custom design for our theatre and consists of:

3 levels of wooden deck on a steel frame on which 43 seats fit
2 hard backed benches - back legs on rake, front legs on floor (need screwing in) which seat 10
2 backless benches (no need to screw in) which seat 12
Handrails for the entire deck
A step for the first level of deck

We also have approx. 80 chairs as shown in the picture. These can lock together.

The deck is very easy to put together and take apart, and pretty compact to store when not being used.

Please let me know any questions or if you'd like to come and see it in person.

We'd be looking to get rid of it between the 31st of October and 3rd of November and you'd need to arrange transport for it - probably a large Luton although we have moved it in a VW Transporter before (in several trips)

Click picture for larger image

uploaded image
uploaded image
uploaded image

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Seating bank seats rake deck

Item Posted: Thu 14 Oct 2021
Post updated: Mon 01 Nov 2021

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